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The Kifco 200S Traveler is a simple, reliable, and portable irrigation system that can be used to water sports fields, golf courses, pastures, hobby farms, small ranches, and construction sites.

  • Rugged construction built to last
  • Turbine Driven Water-Reel® with 1.9” ID x 320’ MDPE Tube
  • Automatic shutoff allows for unattended operation
  • Mechanical level wind system with miswrap safety for uniform, reliable tube rewinding

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Delivery available for locations within a 1-hour radius of Valdosta, Georgia.
Please call to arrange freight for locations outside this area.


The Kifco Model T200S uses a turbine drive which operates as low as 43 psi and 26 gpm (only 10 psi or less used in the turbine) and features simple and accurate speed control making it the most efficient turbine in the market. The sprinkler selector valve for this system easily allows for automatic sprinkler shutoff at the end of the run or continued operation. Three-wheeled chassis for extra stability and three large flotation tires make transport by small garden tractor or utility vehicle simple.


Tube Inner Diameter/Length: 1.9"x320'

Irrigated Width: 105 - 238'

Irrigated Length: 372 - 476'

Irrigated Area Per Run (Acres): 1.1 - 2.4

Drive System: Turbine or Engine

  • All Ag-Rain and B-Series Water Reels with a tube diameter of 1.8” and larger utilize the Turbine Drive. The Kifco turbines are the most efficient turbine drive in the industry (10 PSI or less pressure used in the turbine) and are a reliable, efficient and highly adjustable drive option. Kifco impellers are precision machined from aluminum or composite material for longevity and resistance to corrosion.
  • The Gas Engine Drive option is primarily used for applications where solids (animal waste or fibrous materials) are present in the water. It is also used in applications where the customer requires high-speed irrigation or has limited water pressure and cannot afford pressure loss in the turbine.

GPM Range: 26 - 148

Inlet PSI Range: 43 - 150 (Turbine) 33 - 140 (Engine)

Hours Per Full Run: 2.6 - 17.7 (Turbine) 4.6 - 9.3 (Engine)

Sprinkler Options: Sime Hidra, Nelson SR75, or Komet Twinmax